16x24" Abandoned Brewery
Great Falls Montana
Limited Edition Archival Fine Art Chromogenic Print



I created this photograph early in my career of an abandoned brewery in Great Falls Montana. Shot over the course of the day, this image is a series of images put together to give a surreal lighting effect.


• My original prints are professionally printed on archival Kodak (chemical print) paper.

• My original prints are created using a Digital Chromogenic-Type Process: my images are digitally exposed and then developed using silver based photographic chemicals.
• This print is a limited large format release, and is available in 12x18", 16x24", 20x30" metallic paper limited to 100 of each size, hand numbered and signed.

 PAPER FINISH (one only)

Metallic Glossy

This paper has the traditional look of glossy paper with an added bonus: the silver content of the paper is higher than normal, so physical particles ( very very tiny ones! ) hold in the emulsion of the paper. 

The result when my images are printed this way is a print with an extra pop, almost a 3-dimensional look that changes dependent on its lighting, almost as if lit from behind.

This paper is my personal favourite, and I use prints done this way exclusively for my high gloss 3-dimensional blocks.



•  Your new print will be hand packaged in a water resistant acid free sleeve, with one piece of heavy weight cardstock to keep the print from bending or folding

•  When shipping, your print is mailed flat, letter mail up to 10x10" and small packet for sizes 12x12"-14x14"

•  20x20" prints are mailed flat


• Your new print will not have the water mark on it, nor does it come with an easel, these are for web display purposes only :-)