Alberta Landscape 2 Styles
Banff National Park
Photo on Birch Wood Panel

$25.00 $50.00

Title:  Alberta Provincial Birch Wood Print 

Size: Approx. 11"H x 6"Wx1/8" thick (please note that this wood print will not fit to scale with my other provinces, it is slightly larger which is why they are on SALE, making them a great stand alone piece!)

This listing is for 1 of my handcrafted wooden shaped photo wall art pieces in the shape of the following province.

ALBERTA: Banff National Park 

When ordering you will receive the 1 birch panel illustrated in image 1. This cannot be changed



Your artwork is designed by AV Wakefield / North Birch Grove.  Your artwork is printed onto wood, cut + finished in Calgary Alberta Canada by my print partners + myself personally.

These province panels are printed onto wood by my print partners using a special type of printer to transfer the ink directly onto the wood. Please keep in mind that your artwork is not mass produced, it is created in small batch format by a small print company and therefore, variations, ripples, and texture to the printing process are part of the small batch process and cannot be avoided :-)

Each piece varies, and not two are the same, though they will look very similar to those in the photographs. The images on my birch panels are printed to the edge of each province + then cut to shape, this means that slight flaking of the ink from the wood does happen and this is intentional.  

These are open edition prints. The back of each piece is left untreated.

These pieces are created with purpose to look vintage and worn, with areas of wood grain showing through to give the art work a weathered work. Please refer to the sample photographs showing this style, you will note sanding around all edges of each piece including the heart to give a rustic look. The print is slightly transparent allowing for the texture + grain of the wood to show through slightly.


This artwork is final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. If you are wanting to put this piece with other of my provinces, please wait until the fall as I will have properly sized versions available! 

Backs of Pieces photo is for illustrative purposes, you will only receive the number of pieces as listed.

- xo AV


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