Kuva Collection
Storm Rolling In
Grand Tetons Wyoming
Limited Release Archival B+W Fine Art Print



I created this photograph on assignment in Wyoming in Autumn  This is the first image to be released in my Kuva Collection.


• My original prints are professionally printed on archival Kodak (chemical print) paper.

• My original prints are created using a Digital Chromogenic-Type Process: my images are digitally exposed and then developed using silver based photographic chemicals.

• This print is a limited large format release, and is available in 16x24" + 20x30" metallic black and white paper limited to 10 of each size, hand numbered and signed.

• This print has a traditional white border around it. < 16x24" size = 15x21" print > < 20x30" size = 19x27" print >



Metallic Glossy

This paper has the traditional look of glossy paper with an added bonus: the silver content of the paper is higher than normal, so physical particles ( very very tiny ones! ) hold in the emulsion of the paper. 

The result when my images are printed this way is a print with an extra pop, almost a 3-dimensional look that changes dependent on its lighting, almost as if lit from behind.

This paper is my personal favourite, and I use prints done this way exclusively for my high gloss 3-dimensional blocks.



•  Your new print will be hand packaged in a water resistant acid free sleeve, with one piece of heavy weight card stock to keep the print from bending or folding

• Prints larger than 11"x11" will be mailed flat as parcels.


• Your new print will not have the water mark on it.

•  Frame is for illustrative purposes only, you will receive 1 paper print of the image shown in the first thumbnails only.

• Prints are made to order, please refer to Shipping FAQ for timelines. 

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